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We service and repair oil boilers. All of our technicians are OFTEC registered and approved. We also offer installation of oil boilers and oil storage tanks within Yeovil and Somerset and surrounding areas. For many people heating comes through a Gas Boiler, meaning it is connected to the gas mains. However, there are still 4 million households that are not connected to the gas and therefore use Oil Boilers or an alternative.

Our team of engineers supply and install Oil Boilers across Somerset and surrounding areas. Experience working with this type of boiler your installation, servicing and repair needs are in safe hands with ASAP Plumbing & Heating.

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Oil Boilers

Serving Yeovil and Somerset.

Benefits of Oil Boilers

Oil Boilers have their own benefits that make them the heating source of choice for millions of households. These benefits include…

  • Cost effective: The cost of Heating Oil has drastically dropped in price recently and is much cheaper than it was 30 years ago. This oil tends to last longer than you would expect too.
  • Environmentally friendly: New technology has allowed manufacturers to produce Oil Central Heating Systems that meet and exceed the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. Meaning there are no emissions from running a modern Oil Central Heating System.
  • Extra safe: Oil heat is not combustible in its liquid state and provides a visible indication of an issue arising. It also produces a dark smoke that can alert you to a potential problem with your system.
  • Quick heating: Due to Oil Central Heating Systems being able to heat with more force and at a higher temperature, your home warms up faster than other central heating systems.

Maintenance & Efficiency

Nothing cuts the cost of home heating like a high-efficiency heating system.

ASAP Plumbing and Heating are able to supply, install and repair high-efficiency Oil Boilers regardless of their make and model.

Oil Boilers we supply and install are rated with 86% efficiency or higher.

The majority accept that it is essential to have your oil boiler serviced once a year, but many ignore oil boilers require annual servicing until an issue arises. Here at ASAP plumbing and heating, we offer a thorough service for all oil boilers, whether an issue has arisen and you are looking to get it resolved or if you would like it serviced for your peace of mind. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We are OFTEC registered


OFTEC is the Oil Fired Technical Association. They are recognised by the Government, oil companies, heating appliance and tank manufacturers as being the acceptable trade body in technician training and assessment for the domestic heating, oil distribution and commercial oil firing industry.

For the oil industry in England and Wales, OFTEC registered technicians are the only people defined as competent and able to self-certify their work without the need for informing the local building control department.